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2019 Venue Sponsor Announced

Red Caffeine is thrilled to partner with Second City Works to host the People+People Conference. The B2B arm of the iconic Second City comedy institution, Second City Works’ commitment to innovation, and organizational and professional development perfectly aligns with our mission to elevate organizations with People+People plans. Located in Old Town in the heart of Chicago, Second City Works provides an interactive platform to network, connect and get the tools to attract and retain both clients and talent.


Get Your P+P Fix With Our Webinar Series

Need tips, solutions and ideas on how to create a People + People culture? View the webinar series with Red Caffeine and influential business organizations, and additional resources on how to build teams people want to work with and for.



Strategic growth requires a People+People plan. Simply put, you can’t have one without the other. As sales grow, so does your need for a talented workforce. Here’s the bottom line: It takes the same strategies to attract and retain clients as it does employees – and you need a healthy, engaged pipeline of both to achieve business goals. Join business leaders from all industries to connect and gain actionable insights into solving several of the most common growth challenges businesses face.


Align Sales & Marketing


Attract, Engage & Retain Top Talent

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Accelerate your sales strategy


Equip your company with the tools to improve win ratios


Attract the right talent and win the recruiting battle


Create a culture of transparency and learning



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Sales or Marketing Executives

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HR Managers

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Owners or C-Suite Members

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Professionals Committed to Strategic Growth


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