Build an organization clients want to work with and talent wants to work for


Crafting an Authentic PayBrand Story to Win the Talent War

Building Badass Organizations That Clients Want to Work With and Employees Want to Work For, Fueled by Red Caffeine


In This Webinar, You Will Learn:

  • How to craft an authentic PayBrand story with market data and your organization’s unique values

  • Why pay transparency has the power to attract and retain employees

  • How to use pay as a motivator, not a de-motivator or bargaining tool

  • Which competitive perks and benefits you need to compete



What Is People+People Plan?

Empower your departments though alignment. Organizations need sales, marketing, and HR in agreement on processes, tactics and goals to achieve meaningful outcomes and long-term sustainability. A People+People Plan disrupts the siloed approach, aligns goals to solutions, and makes your life easier. Tune in together, as a team, to get started.

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