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Session 1 - Get in the Game: Creating Rapid Financial Results and Lasting Cultural Change

The companies that will dominate the next decade won’t separate themselves from their competition by products, distribution, marketing but by the strength of their workforce. To become the employer of choice, you must build an ownership culture - where every person’s hands, head, and heart are full engaged. Join this highly interactive session in which participants will work together to create a short-term, self-funding, intensely focused incentive plan designed to correct a weakness or pursue an opportunity. We’ll create a common goal, a scorecard and a reward for winning. You’ll leave with the skill-set and the tool-set you need to keep people focused on a common goal, encourage employees to work together and build a winning team, create line of sight between team contributions and your company’s strategic goals and more! You’ll also leave understanding the fundamentals of The Great Game of Business, and take away the knowledge of how to immediately begin implementing it into your own organization - and begin driving results.