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Do you have strategic growth goals, but don’t have a clear roadmap to get there? Here's the bottom line: it takes the same strategies to attract and retain clients as it does talent – that's the foundation of a People+People™ plan. After attending this event you'll have the tools to keep a healthy, engaged pipeline of both to achieve your business goals.

We’ve gathered a diverse group of good-hearted, culture-based speakers and panelists committed to making organizations great places to work with and for! Attending the People+People™ Conference means immersing yourself with a one-of-a-kind community that truly believes in paying it forward. You will experience stories and ideas that can have immediate impact on your business - the first day back from the conference you can implement meaningful best practices that will set you and your team up for long-term success.

At Red Caffeine, we’ve had our share of missteps and ups and downs, like any company. The People+People™ Conference is our opportunity to share strategies that address the common business challenges we solve for our clients and have experienced on our own journey. We didn’t do it alone and neither should you. From our becoming an open book management company with The Great Game of Business to heightening our emotional intelligence with The Junto Institute to improving our recruiting and retention process with PayScale, our path is paved with inspiration and empowerment from a powerful partner network. Attend this conference to experience the combined knowledge base of these organizations and many more.

We hope you will join us and can’t wait to meet you!


Kathy Steele

Owner and CEO, Red Caffeine Growth Consultancy


Julie Poulos

Vice President of Red Caffeine Growth Consultancy


Introducing The 2019 Venue Partner:


Red Caffeine is thrilled to partner with Second City Works to host the People+People™ Conference. The B2B arm of the iconic Second City comedy institution, Second City Works’ commitment to innovation and organizational and professional development perfectly aligns with our mission to elevate organizations with People+People™ plans. Located in Old Town in the heart of Chicago, Second City Works provides an interactive platform to network, connect and get the tools to attract and retain both clients and talent.


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Meet Your Hosts:

Red Caffeine Growth Consultancy

Red Caffeine is a growth consultancy that uses strategy, branding, technology, and marketing to fuel meaningful impact for mid-market and enterprise organizations. We align with organizations that set the bar for business ethics.

The insights we’ve learned from solving these pain points for our clients, as well as in our own journey, is what we want to share with like-minded companies that are committed to strategic growth aligned with building a healthy culture. We didn’t do this alone, but we’re inspired and empowered by a powerful partner network.

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